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Justin Timberlake was phenomenal!!!!! He is the new King of Pop (of course MJ will always remain #1 imo) He performed all his hits, new songs, and covers! 2 1/2 hours of jam packed entertainment!! He sang “Deep in the heart of Texas” which brought me back to the NSYNC concerts! They always sang that every time they came here! It was so nice, funny, cute for him to do that. Like he says, “I still run this bitch” he certainly still does! I wish I could go back to the concert and see it all over again it was well worth the wait 11 years!

fanta-no-cokeney asked: So do you know if Justin will sing Cry Me a River?


I looked up the setlist because I can’t wait.. and yes, he is supposed to sing it! I love that song so much even though it brings back bad blood between him and Britney but I love Justin too! 

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