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Proud Britney Stan since 1998! Britney follows my blog! You should too!
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I can’t with Adamney or whoever is tweeting for Brit. Brit would know how to spell BRYAN’s name… maybe not Brittney but I know Britney would!


Hey lovely followers!! I am not on Twitter! (Will be active and not just tumblr posts) so follow me! I will follow back of course so we can chat outside of tumblr! xo

looking forward to following y’all! i unfollowed 85 people last night and need more people to follow and y’all are the best!¬†


love this stan. @mileycyrus 

I’m still looking into what happened with the Britney Army and Victoria.. some of the army are nuts but I don’t know the full story.. not sure why any of them are following her or kevin anyway.. same thing with follow sam lutfi..



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