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I hope we get the director’s cut @josephkahn now that #Beyonce released an album out of nowhere…

That’s all I really want the original¬†Perfume video…


does demi realize how much of a suck mentor she is like all her contestants get voted off every season

I agree. I like Demi but this chick doesn’t like to listen to anyone never even her contestants and that’s why they get voted off every season. Paulina is a better mentor than her tbh. She wasn’t doing so grat then she got better cause she actually listened…

So today is the #FarewellFinn episode #TheQuarterback and I am already bawling listening to the audio from the episode. IDK how I’m going to handle watching this. I’m so sad that Cory/Finn is gone.¬†

listen here

Any Gleeks following my Brit blog?


I love who made this

this is why we love her!!

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i wonder if Britney even remembers who Carly Rose Sonenclar is


ahahahahah so mean lol!!!

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Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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